Marvin-Shannon Burke
Burkimus Arts
Concept Artist/Illustrator

Burkimus Arts

Concept Artist/Illustrator


About Me

The outlets of escapism I was able to realise from the confines of a control pad made it evident to me from a very young age that designing games was something I wanted to do for a living. Video games, early 90s cartoons and Disney as well as the introduction to manga and anime from my father kept my enthusiasm for art and my pencil stuck to the paper.
As I grew older distractions came around but nothing deterred my mind from art and video games and thus I embarked on my academic journey to gain the qualifications needed to land my dream job as a concept artist.


The journey's been far from straight forward but the goal has remained the same, I believe past experiences have given me the opportunity to soak up knowledge and learn lessons that have shaped me into not just a better all round artist but a more robust and creative person.

Game Developers

Developers inspire me, as an avid player and art book collector at times I marvel at the work achieved and the insight from designers give as the passion always shines through and I smile to myself and the same thought always comes to mind I really want to do this for a living'.
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